In 2018 I was extremely fortunate to be hired as the Horticulturist at the Beatrix Farrand Garden at Hyde Park, NY.  This special garden is the site of one of the earliest designs of Farrand on the grounds of a historic estate featuring a large collection of perennial flowering plantings in a unique walled garden.  In addition to horticultural work I also lead a series of weekly volunteer and seasonal workshop events.

For almost four seasons I was the Gardener for the Morris-Jumel Mansion at Roger Morris Park in Washington Heights, NYC.  I worked in collaboration with the NYC Parks Department to care for the grounds of the oldest surviving house in Manhattan!

In 2014 I was a John Nally Horticultural Intern at Wave Hill in Riverdale, Bronx, NY. Under the tutelage of the gardeners I received an intensive hands-on education, learning about all aspects of maintaining the 28-acre public space.

I also had the great honor of interning once a week for the Horticultural Society of New York’s GreenHouse program at Rikers Island jail complex in NYC from 2013-2015.  This experience was one of the most fulfilling and humbling pieces of my education, and I highly recommend it to any parties interested in social justice, volunteering, gardening, and horticultural therapy. Here’s a wonderful article in July 2013’s Edible Manhattan Magazine:


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